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7 weeks of summer

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Mr Anthony

Ngày Đăng : 26/05/2018
Mr Anthony has been such a great asset here in HCMC over the last decade serving in various areas relating to education. We are pleased to work along side with such a dedicated educator as Mr Anthony.

Mrs Jo-Ann

Ngày Đăng : 26/05/2018
Mrs Jo-Ann has been teaching back home in her country of Australia guiding students to gain their 2nd and 3rd languages. Jo-An excelled in guiding her students to gain a fluency in English in order for them to comfortably settle in...

Ms. Soren Adrong

Ngày Đăng : 30/05/2018
Hello! I'm Sơren Adrong. I'm really excited to be a part of this school plant. I have close to 3 years of teaching experience including being a teaching assistant. I want to be committed to this school for the long term as I really love children and want to bring them joy. Moreover, I believe that children...

Ms. Buu Ngoc

Ngày Đăng : 30/05/2018
Ms. Buu Ngoc has been teaching young children over the last few years in active environments which fits very well with us. She has a wide range of techniques to engage the children which she has pick up from the variety of teaching positions she has held. These days she is adding to her education in...

Ms. Deborah

Ngày Đăng : 30/05/2018
Mrs. Deborah is one with a great store of ability to be aplied here at G.E.E. We welcome her to serve with us all these lovely children which we have been intrusted with. As we see Debrorah at working with the children we see someone who has what it takes to raise up these little ones into their own...