7 weeks of summer
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7 weeks of summer

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Full Day Saturday

Ngày Đăng : 11/10/2018
Our newest Program: Full Day Saturday for our youngest. 8 to 4pm ages 3 to 7 300,000 per Saturday


Ngày Đăng : 28/06/2018
Beginning August 20th... English: depending on the student's level; for our youngest learners we focus on comunication skills, as these skills are developed we introduce reading by phonics(5 to 7 years old is best). Then we carry on with writing. Maths, Science, Social Studies...


Ngày Đăng : 28/06/2018
Lots of Action - OPEN NOW - These classes are being lead in English, by this way our students are becoming fluent in English quickly. academic focus and extr curricular activities.

After School Program

Ngày Đăng : 19/06/2018
After school from 4:30 - 6:30 - beginning August 20th... this after school program welcomes children who may need to study more while their parents are finishing up their own work. Like all of our programs we are heavily focused on presenting English is a very natural way. We are seeing our students...

Saturday morning Art

Ngày Đăng : 26/05/2018
Schedule: 9 am to 11 am Sign in your child and pay 80,000 which includes some snacks 30 minutes welcoming students to playtime... 60 minutes plus of decorating/doing art and crafts As children finish up we will enjoy together Age:Ages 3 to 10

8 Weeks of Summer Program “Break out of yourself”

Ngày Đăng : 26/05/2018
8 Weeks of "Summer with G.E.E. 2019" is about gaining some valuable experiences in an English environment. During 8 weeks children will have the opportunity to meet all of our teachers, staff, and workers at the different locations we visit, furthermore they will meet many peers between the different...

English Communication Class for Adults

Ngày Đăng : 16/05/2016
This Course is to help Students improve their communication skills, in quick responses to spoken English. To help students develop vocabulary and have confidence with communicating, without the need to translate in their mind while speaking!

English Communication Class for Children

Ngày Đăng : 16/05/2016
Children who are learning foreign languages ​​from a young age tend to be smarter than those who start learning foreign languages ​​as adults. The child's brain has a special ability for language acquisition and this ability declines over time due to changes in brain development. Learning a foreign...